Pioneering Energy Storage Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Fluence India, a joint venture between Fluence Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLNC) and ReNew (NASDAQ: RNW, RNWWW), is committed to delivering advanced battery-based energy storage solutions tailored for the Indian market. Our mission is to expedite India's transition to clean energy by providing world-class storage products and comprehensive services. Partner with us to build a resilient and sustainable energy future for India.

Why Choose Fluence India?

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Utilizing the latest in battery technology for superior performance and durability.

Sustainable Solutions:

Dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmental sustainability.

Customized for India:

Solutions designed to meet the unique energy needs and challenges of the Indian market.

Expert Support:

From consultation to installation and beyond, our team provides exceptional service and support.

Fluence Gridstack™

Fluence Gridstack™: The Pinnacle of Industrial-Strength Energy Storage

Fluence Gridstack™ is a state-of-the-art energy storage product designed to meet the most demanding applications with unparalleled reliability, scalability, and safety. Engineered for flexibility and built using Fluence’s 6th generation technology stack, Gridstack™ is ideal for a wide range of grid-scale applications, including flexible peaking capacity, frequency regulation, renewable integration, and transmission and distribution (T&D) enhancement.

Highly Configurable

The flexible architecture of Fluence Products allows you to configure key components from pre-qualified Tier 1 suppliers to best meet your specific deployment requirements. This includes optimized dispatch algorithms tailored to various market applications.

Scalable Design

The system's scale-out design facilitates repeatable large-scale energy storage deployments, driving efficiencies in project permitting and delivery. This consistency simplifies training, operations, and maintenance across multiple locations, reducing implementation risk.

Total System Safety

Fluence Products are furnished with extensive safety features that are seamlessly integrated across its technology stack. Its design, built within a factory setting, ensures continuous quality control, thereby offering the utmost level of safety and reliability.

Utility-Scale Grid Services

Enhancing Grid Stability and Efficiency with Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Fluence India’s Utility-Scale Grid Services provide comprehensive energy storage solutions designed to enhance the stability, reliability, and efficiency of electric grids on a large scale. These services are tailored to meet the complex demands of utility providers and large-scale energy consumers, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Solutions

Optimizing Energy Use for Businesses and Industries

Fluence India’s Commercial & Industrial Energy Solutions provide tailored energy storage systems designed to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of energy usage for businesses and industrial operations. These solutions help organizations manage energy costs, improve power quality, and ensure a reliable energy supply even during peak demand periods.

Reference Projects

Tata Power-DDL

(Owned by AES and Mitsubishi)

Capacity: 10 MW / 10 MWh

Location: Rohini, Delhi


  • Flexible peak capacity
  • Frequency regulation (Undergoing pilot- TBC)
  • Deviation management
  • Energy arbitrage


  • India's first grid-scale, battery-based energy storage system
  • Boost grid resiliency and ensure greater reliability for more than 2 million residents in Tata Power- DDL’s service area

Reference Projects


(under construction)

Project type: Storage peaker

Capacity: 75 MW / 150 MWh

Location: Karnataka


  • Peak shifting
  • Avoid renewable curtailment


  • India's first project with assured peak power supply in mornings and evenings from renewable source of energy
  • Creating an alternative to fossil fuels for round-the-clock power in India

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future

Partner with Fluence India to transform your energy consumption and support a greener, more resilient energy future for India. Contact us today to learn more about our energy storage solutions and how they can benefit you.