About Fluence India

Fluence India, a joint venture of Fluence Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLNC) and ReNew (“ReNew”) (NASDAQ: RNW, RNWWW), has been set up to provide battery-based energy storage products to the India market. Fluence India will supply localized market-leading energy storage products, engineering, delivery, and operational services to all customers in the Indian market.

Fluence is a global market leader in energy storage products and services, and cloud-based software for renewables and storage. With a presence in over 40 markets globally, the company is transforming the way we power our world by helping customers create more resilient and sustainable electric grids.

ReNew is India’s leading IPP player with a portfolio of solar, wind and hydro projects. Through its utility-scale renewable energy projects, the company is catering to energy requirements of commercial and industrial customers, while helping reduce India’s carbon footprint.


To build a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy future for India with energy storage.


To accelerate the clean energy transition in India by delivering world-class energy storage solutions for our customers.


Excellence Agility

Responsibility Innovation

Collaboration Efficiency

Reference Projects

Tata Power-DDL

(Owned by AES and Mitsubishi)

Project type: T&D enhancement

Capacity: 10 MW / 10 MWh

Location: Rohini, Delhi

  • Flexible peak capacity
  • Frequency regulation (Undergoing pilot- TBC)
  • Deviation management
  • Energy arbitrage

  • India's first grid-scale, battery-based energy storage system
  • Boost grid resiliency and ensure greater reliability for more than 2 million residents in Tata Power- DDL’s service area


(under construction)

Project type: Storage peaker

Capacity: 75 MW / 150 MWh

Location: Karnataka

  • Peak shifting
  • Avoid renewable curtailment

  • India's first project with assured peak power supply in mornings and evenings from renewable source of energy
  • Creating an alternative to fossil fuels for round-the-clock power in India

Our Products

Grid-scale, industrial-strength energy storage product designed for the most demanding market applications with industry-leading reliability, scalability, and safety.

Fluence GridstackTM

Fluence Gridstack's industrial-strength design is built for the most demanding applications including flexible peaking capacity, frequency regulation, renewable integration, T&D enhancement, and more. The system is highly configurable to meet your specific operational requirements and can be cost-effectively augmented over time to maximize asset value.

Fluence Gridstack is built using Fluence’s 6th generation technology stack, which incorporates more than 3 years of design and deployment.


Easily Configurable

Fluence Gridstack’s flexible architecture allows you to configure key components from pre-qualified Tier 1 suppliers to best meet your deployment requirements. Enhance your system for specific market applications with a range of optimized dispatch algorithms.

Highly Scalable

Fluence Gridstack brings repeatability to large energy storage deployments. The scale-out design drives efficiencies in project permitting and delivery to reduce your implementation risk, while consistency across project locations simplifies training, operations, and maintenance.

Total System Safety

Fluence Gridstack comes equipped with comprehensive safety features throughout the integrated technology stack. The factory-built design brings consistent quality control to your storage system for the highest level of safety.